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The CC Mountain Bike Challenge - Batang Kali, Selangor

Race Report for the Batang Kali
CC Mountain Bike Challenge...It’s been a while since I last raced so, I don’t mind confessing on the Saturday evening I had the usual pre race restless night as a mix of nervous and excited thoughts tumbled around inside my head.

Despite being awake in good time to get down to the start area to rack Excalibur on or near to the front row. As this was a not a race that I was intending to race in, I resisted that urge and instead took my dogs for a leisurely walk and had a similarly leisurely and satisfying breakfast. This made this, by far and away, my latest and probably my most relaxed start of any event that I’ve ever done.
This was not really a deliberate strategy but more the result of circumstance. My intention was simply to use the race as a good training ride and to assess where I was in terms of competitiveness on the Mountain Bike. I also intended to record the route for Denis (who was kindly letting me stay at his house and who wanted to see if h…

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