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XTERRA Malaysia Recce Report

XTERRA Malaysia Recce ReportAs I said in my earlier FB & Instagram posts, before I share my insights with you in terms of the new venue & the Duathlon & Run courses for XTERRA Malaysia, let me explain how I met Azura...
Until recently Azura was a civil servant working within a division of the Ministry of Tourism known as Malaysia Major Events. I first met her in 2013 when I had the privilege to be asked by the then licence holder of XTERRA (Sean Chee) to be the Race Director for that year’s race in Putrajaya. Azura was introduced to me as one of Sean’s key contacts.
Since then, I know she’s worked tirelessly on helping us navigate the bureaucracy to get XTERRA supported by Putrajaya Corporation and then its smooth relocation to Langkawi. I also know through my role as the Chief Draft Marshall for Ironman & Powerman events that she was also a key member of the team that brought Ironman back to Malaysia (after a brief absence) and helped Powerman Malaysia move successfully…

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