About Tri Hard Rust Man

2015 113 Bukit Merah Triathlon

Like the personal project that I started back in 2001 to transform myself and the body that I occupy from that of a "Fat Little Banker” into the “Tri Hard Rust Man” I refer to myself as today, the creation of this site has, I confess, been a long time in the making. 

At times, it’s been a rather arduous journey. However, as always with arduous and worthwhile journey's, it’s been an educational and enjoyable one. 

My overriding purpose of these posts of "Race Reflections" is to share the experience, the reflections and the insights I have from the events I do. genuinely & sincerely hope that they help and interest you and can provide some inspiration to you and, others like you. 

Whilst there's no contesting the logic that the earlier we start the better it is. My overriding message to everyone though is that it really is “never too late” to start to change for the better and to enjoy the benefits of an active and outdoor lifestyle. I used to think it was "too late" and that irreparable damage had been done so there was no point in changing.

Thanks to the teachings and inspiration of guy's like Stephen Jepson (http://neverleavetheplayground.com) and my Step Father Stephen Woodville along with my own experiences I have realised that this mindset is total baloney.

As you read the posts I’d like you to visualise a short stocky bald bloke weighing almost 100 kilos and who could not jog round a 400 metre running track when he was approaching his 40th Birthday. 

You won’t find any fantasy ‘stories’ or fancy claims of being able to make any of us live longer. What I hope you will discover though is an underlying philosophy and mindset that has helped me to "Live More” and which I hope that you’ll be able to use to inspire yourself and others to do likewise.

I hope that you will find it entertaining and thought provoking. I also hope that you’ll be able to use it as a catalyst to make similar sorts of lifestyle changes that I have discovered so that endurance type of events and outdoor personal challenges become things that you're passionate about and have the time and compassion to use and share them with others so that you can have a deeper sense of this "Live More" experience.

I'd welcome a more personal dialogue with you on any of these thoughts, topics and experiences and I very much look forward to hearing from you on dave@livemoreevents.com which is the personal email account I have set up for this purpose.  

Warmest wishes


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