A Short Report...

A Short Report...

Yes you read it right. This is a short report.

My regular readers will be aware that I usually use this blog to record the events that I participate in or to explain, as I did in my last post, where I am coming from and where I want to go in terms of the events that we aim to put on at Live More. They'll also know that these posts record my thoughts 'chapter and verse' as I try to be totally transparent with my thoughts and feelings. I make no apology for this long winded wordy format as my intent is twofold...

1) to give you, the reader, as much insight as possible; and,

2) to give me, the writer, the means for self reflection, self confession and some serious self assessment all of which h are essential elements for learning, improving and developing myself. 

So, today's post is different because...

a) it's not about a race or our Live More events; and,

b) it's, relatively speaking, not long either ;-)

It is, as it says in it's title "a short report". To be more accurate it's a short report about shorts! To be even more precise it is a short plug for a new friend and soon to be business partner's cycling shorts. 

The reason for this blatant product promotion is because I believe "one good turn deserves another". This is a terribly old British saying which, as a terribly old Brit who likes to deliver on his promises I confess that I am prone to use often. However, 'reciprocity' is an age old global phenomenon and, in my opinion, simply good manners. As when someone has extended generosity and hospitality to you, as Colin Cheang of AMNIG has done to me, it's only right to do likewise...

AMNIG aka a memorable name in garments
AMNIG, Colin's business, is a local apparel brand with aspirations to be regional. We are discussing working together on a variety of exciting projects and in the process he generously insisted that I took a pair of his cycling shorts and a Trisuit (the suit report will come when I have my first race in it late April ;-) a few weeks back to test the quality of his apparel rather than just take his word for it. I loved his genuine confidence and belief in his product and I hope that, in turn, he and you love reading the remainder of this post...

When we decide on making any purchase there are basically 2 initial options open to us. Option 1 is a cheap/practical one and option 2 is a more expensive/branded one. Emotions then take over in the buying process and we ultimately decide on the option that satisfies the emotional needs that are strongest e.g. practical or flashy ;-)

In the case of clothing, particularly cycling clothing, the main driver for me is to feel and look good and we all know deep down that option 1 often offers limited protection or comfort and, more often than not, gives our riding Buddies a dazzling view of our derrières, thanks to the transparency of the cheap material used in the manufacturing process. 

Alternatively, we also know that if you choose to spend on the expensive branded cycling gears where comfort and protection is a given with their state of the art padding. Hopefully, it should be exceptional unlikely that drafters will see anything other than your rear wheel ;-)

However, these options leave us with actual hole versus a threadbare Butt. Namely, a hole in our pockets! In fact, if you buy a pair of Assos shorts who (according to Google) sell the world’s most expensive cycling shorts, your hole would be a jaw dropping $519 USD. Some, including me, might think you are a bit of a different sort of “hole” for spending this sort of money as you could buy 3 ceramic chains or a high end carbon seat post and saddle for a similar figure ;-)

That's why I confess to preferring the basic versus high end "branded" gears and changing them regularly. That is unless you have nothing better to spend your money on. As, in my view, the "bigger bang" you get for your extra "bucks" is questionable! To amplify this point, this article about the benefits of ceramic bearings might be a good read. 

I personally struggle to justify such extravagances given how many less fortunate people there are than me and how many deserving causes there are that could do so much more good with the extra dollars. So, if you are like me and cautious with your coins but like to ride (especially long distances) and/or like to go off road in comfort a really smart option versus the established high end brands is to opt for the super well made Cyclone shorts from Amnig.

I’ve been wearing these to train in for the past few weeks and have now raced in them at the CC MTB Challenge in Batang Kali on Sunday (Race Report to follow) and found them brilliant in every way in terms of look, comfort and durability. Moreover, at less than MYR220 ($55 USD) you will not only have a quality pair of pants you'll have lots of change in your pocket versus a pair of Assos.

The Cyclone shorts are like riding with your saddle in your pants!
Moreover, as you'll see from the image above, as well as looking great on, the greatest thing about these shorts is what's inside them! That is obviously you but, as importantly, for a cycling short in addition to you, it's the padding and with this level of workmanship that Colin and his team at Amnig have put into these pants , to be frank, you could almost ride your bike without a saddle as they've practically built one into their shorts for you! 

So, If you are in the market for cycling gear and you'd like to try a local brand that has serious aspirations to be at least regional in terms of market but world class in terms of product quality then you cannot go wrong by paying this site a visit http://amnig.com.my and getting yourself a pair of Cyclone shorts! 


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